Come to Ecuador

About Ecuador


Capital: Quito
Area: 256,370 km2
Population: 13,755,680
Language: Spanish
Currency: US Dollar
Goverment: Democratic

Time zone: ECT (UTC -5, -6)
Calling code: +593

«You will live the 4 seasons in one day!” That is a typical Ecuadorian phrase that can give you a good idea of the weather in our country. Ecuador has only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry one. Temperatures in the highlands like Quito, Cuenca, Ibarra, Latacunga, Riobamba and Ambato, range from 16 C or 60 F during the day, to 7C° or 45 F° at night. However, you should always take a sweater with you since the weather may fluctuate anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees during the day. The coast (Portoviejo, Manta and Machala) and rain forest have higher temperatures ranging from 32 Centigrade (90 Fahrenheit) down to 20 C (68F). Even though Santo Domingo is not yet coast, temperatures are almost the same as in Portoviejo and Machala.

The food in Ecuador varies substantially between the regions of the country. However, the whole country does offer a great variety of both fruits and vegetables. Due to the great offer of fruits, homemade juice is a daily drink made of all kinds of interesting fruits. Most families like to share meals together, and typically eat three meals per day. The morning meal is light, while lunch and dinner are usually a bit heavier. Breakfast usually consists of coffee and a bread pastry or juice and fruits. A very common breakfast (or snack throughout the day) is empanadas, which are bread dough with another ingredient (like cheese or some type of meat) rolled in the middle. The roll is then baked all together in the oven. Also common in the highlands are a kind of corn tamales called humitas. While in the coastal region, you may have fish, rice and green bananas! Lunch is the main meal so be ready for a big meal. Lunch consists of soup, a main dish and juice. The main dish always has rice and is usually served with a meat stew. Dinner is either very similar to lunch or something light like a cheese sandwich. Dinner is called merienda.

The currency in Ecuador since September 2000 is U.S. dollar. We recommend you exchange your money only at an authorized money exchange office or bank. Never on the street.